10 practical secrets for making family life work

Fernando Poveda has several degrees, including economics from Stockholm University, IESE Business School in Barcelona, and a PhD student in linguistics and pragmatics from Stockholm University and Universidad Pontifical Comillas in Madrid.

Today Fernando lives in Madrid with his wife and seven children and has written a book called “The couple that works”. The book is now a success in the Spanish market and Fernando now travels to several countries to lecture on how to make the relationship work while enjoying a happy family trip along the way.

On the back of the book we can read “When you start a relationship, many people are struck by the thought: how good we have it together, I wish we could always have it like this”.

It’s obvious that you want that feeling of happiness and stability to last as long as possible, preferably forever. Are you looking for stability and happiness, or in other words, are you looking for the couple that always works, that is always happy? Is that possible?


Saturday, June 3rd

1:00 pm

Tyrgatan 2, Stockholm