Digital Safe Schools


Certify your School as a Safe Digital Space for teachers, parents and kids.

We help you along the journey, guiding you through the process. We train all

the School Community, we work on protocols and we help every family

with their particular needs.

How do I build a Safe Digital Community at my School?

1. Register your School

2. School Digital Safety Scan

3. School Digital Safety Report and Action Plan

4. Tailored Training Program for Teachers and Parents

5. Workshops for Students, Teachers and Parents

6. School Digital Safety Supervisor training


Digital Safe School Cer1ficate Issuance

“We are all in this world together, and the only test of our character that matters is how we look after each other. That’s all that really matters.”

– Tommy Douglas.

Digital Safe Families


Would you like a Digital Risk Check for your family?

Are your kids safe enough in the digital world?
What’s their digital footprint?
Do you have, as a parent, sufficient knowledge to protect them?


Ask for a Family Digital Risk Assessment and let’s make acustomized plan for you and your beloved ones.


I only want a Family Digital Risk Check

You can also make a Family Digital Risk Check and think afterwards if you’d like us to help you with a plan or not. It’s up to you!

You can have your Family Digital Risk Report in 72 hours!


You can have your Family Digital Risk Report in 72 hours!


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