About Us

Professional talent at the service of families.

Sally Families is a project that rises after many conversations with friends. We all run different companies related with the internet. Besides business people, we are all parents, brothers, sisters… and we share the concern of protecting our kids. So, why don’t we put all our professional knowledge of cybersecurity at the service of families. This was the beginning of all.
Let us introduce ourselves.


Jiniba – Business Development


Jiniba has been working since a long time ago in the distribution of Security Solutions in the Nordics and Central European Countries. They are distributors and resellers of solutions from: Constella Intelligence, Kymatio, Risk4All, IronScales among others.


In 2021 decided to invest in the technologies of their partners to be able to produce Digital Intelligence Services to customers in the region through partners. The service production unit is located in Spain and Sales and Delivery units are located in Sweden, Poland and Spain.

Milagro – Digital Risk Assessment


Created in the beginning of 2021 as a spinoff from the Swedish company, Jiniba Business Development AB, and the Spanish company Molskon SL, to meet the security requirements of Digital Transformation focusing on Social
Engineering Attacks that stand for almost 90% of all form of digital attacks.

Sally – Digital Intelligence for Digital Safety


Sally is a new company born in Sweden in 2022 but with international projection. Sally wants to offer a different approach to cybersecurity to all kind of companies. Sally makes cybersecurity more human and comprehensible far from the threat language. We cover security blind spots with Digital Intelligence combining all security tools in one platform.

Non-Profit Initiatives

AMHER – Milagro Hernández Association


The core of this project, AMHER has been the one putting us together to work for families. AMHER itself is an association created by a big family, Milagro’s one. Milagro is the head of this family and she has been affected by Multiple Sclerosis for more than 25 years. AMHER wants to help other families that have difficulties, to convert them in challenges that can strengthen family bonds.

Dale una Vuelta – A NGO to fight Pornography


“Dale una vuelta” (translated, “Give it a whirl”) is an online platform. But it is much more than that. We defend women, their dignity and rights, so trampled; a healthy, assertive and affective sexuality, free and informed. And we help, or try to help, anyone who wants to stop the harmful consumption of pornography.

The strong couple – More than a book, than a blog


It all began with a book called: The strong couple. Nut the book led to countless talks and conferences, then to a blog, then to different workshops…At the end of the day, we want to love and be loved…but true love. This is what this initiative aims: to help couples to love each other.