How does porn affect
our lives?

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Phone Usage Contract Template 

When the time to have their first phone comes, it’s a good common experience to have something similar to a “family contract.” This simple gesture can help them understand they must be careful and that their parents will be there not to control them but to look after them.

Reflection points to buy the first phone to our child.

Reflection points to buy the

first phone to our child.

This is one of the moments most parents are scared of. Usually, the main reason is that we want to have our children located; a phone can be the best way. That’s fair. However, it’s essential to think twice. What we do when we give them a smartphone is put in their hands a key to enter the digital world. So, even if we just want to know where our kids are while they are not at home, we have to be very conscious of what it implies for them to have this device. It’s good to think if our kids have enough maturity to recognise and handle some situations safely. These reflection points can be helpful to take a better decision.

Keep your family safe at home!

There are three big lies that cybercriminals have managed to make us firmly believe, and they make us very vulnerable. Knowing them will help keep your children well-trained and your family safer. Education and awareness are the best prevention.

We are happy to share our new guide for parents is ready. This time is about Cybersecurity at home and how to train your kids on the most common security threats.

Guide to rise up Ninja Kids!

Life has difficulties and we can’t avoid them. What we can do is to prepare our children so that those difficulties do not knock them down. We can’t spare them, but we can help them to come out of them as well as possible, and even learn from them.

When educating our children, it is important to project them into the future: adolescence is a difficult time, and you are not going to be their favourite person. This is not for nothing; it is a law of life. So when they are small, you can sow the most, and you have a greater influence on them. Take advantage of it.