This Ride Requires Adult Supervision

We have all seen in Theme Parks rules that restrict the entrance of children under a certain age or set a height limit in some of the attractions. Sometimes, adults must accompany them; other times, they must supervise the kids.

These are clear instructions at the entrance to a park and before some specific rides. We accept them; they are logical and common sense measures because they ensure the safety of our children.

Why does the same not happen with technology, with access to the Internet, and why are there no more explicit rules to help us guarantee their safety?

The Greek origin of the word pedagogue: “paidos” (child), and “agogos” (one who leads) means: “one who accompanies a child .” And it’s true; being a parent or educator is about accompanying, protecting and guiding children.

The Internet requires a pedagogy; adults must accompany and guide children in the digital world. Indications and rules for devices and applications will significantly help us in this context. These days, we are witnessing extensive discussions with the big tech companies to ensure limited access for minors to networks such as Tik-Tok, Snapchat, etc. Current verification measures need to be more robust and secure. How can we ensure that there are specific digital spaces in which children know they must always be accompanied by an adult? As in many other activities, the first pedagogues will be the parents; in another area, at school, it will be the teachers and professors.

Can we eradicate technology from schools? That may not be possible. Who will accompany the pupil in a responsible use then? Who – better than the school – can help parents with this responsibility?

In all cases, we are talking about a reliable use of technology, a prudent and educational use: time, place, and appropriate content. Let’s work to guarantee that our children are always accompanied and guided by trained and caring adults in the digital world.

This is Sally Families’ commitment.